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Vesper Insights Events

Events are prime platforms for meetings and to raise awareness. We have a very solid experience of which markets in Europe are interesting for clients and worth investing in.

At events we help clients:

  • Negotiate sponsor / exhibitor prices
  • Organise key meetings
  • Organise speaking opportunities
  • Work with creative agencies to have the most impactful stands
  • Organise social events / networking opportunities
  • Organise social media presence
  • Organise stand presentations
  • Manage follow up
  • Manage client budget for maximum ROI

The Gatherin May 2019

Christina Roosen, founder of Vesper Insights, is also the co-founder of The Gatherin an annual event in Sitges (a small village 30km South of Barcelona by the sea).

The event is focused on scaling up innovation in health & care, primarily outside the hospital.

The event is based on a community of bright minds and passionate people from all over the world who are eager for change.

The audience ranges from high level government representatives, doctors, nurses and caregivers, Hollywood celebrities, industry, innovators and anyone who wants to contribute.

The events takes place both indoors and outdoors with stands and events along the board walks and beaches, as the vision is to bring the knowledge to the people and not just keep it behind closed doors. And then we mix in a lot of networking and fun. The Gathering

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